Directions to TLTA

The TLTA office is located in the Hartland Plaza building, between 5th and 6th Streets, just before Mopac (Loop 1)
Texas Land Title Association
1717 W. 6th St., Suite 120
Austin, Texas 78703

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Directions to access the Hartland Plaza Parking Garage:

Enter the garage through the entrance located on the west side of the 5th Street Turn-around Loop. If you are on Campbell St.(Employee Only parking garage entrance) turn left on 6th Street at the light, stay in the left lane and take the 5th street turn-around. The entrance to the parking garage is on your left.

Proceed to Level 2 of the parking garage and park in one of the designated spaces marked as VISITORS PARKING. Please do not park in the spaces marked TWO HOUR PARKING as these are subject to towing if the time limit is exceeded. Also, the unmarked parking spaces on Levels 2-4 of the garage are for permit parking only.

The West 6th Street entrance is for retail, deliveries and handicapped parking only.