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These programs can be purchased and viewed anytime that's convenient for you. Indicated hours are for Escrow credit, however, MCLE credit is also available for many of our programs. Click the title of the program to view more details about the program and the continuing education credit offered.

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On-Demand Videos

These on demand programs are available for viewing anytime you want.
Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate Recorded
2016 Texas Land Title Institute-Part 2Various5.0012/9/2016PT2INST16
2016 Texas Land Title Institute-Part 1Various5.5012/9/2016PT1INST16
Title 101 Part 1: Basics of Title Insurance- What and WhyTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO1
Title 101 Part 10: Preparing To CloseTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO10
Title 101 Part 11: Closing the TransactionTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO11
Title 101 Part 12: Policy Production and Completing the FileTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO12
Title 101 Part 2: Flow of a Standard TransactionTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO2
Title 101 Part 3: Basic Concepts of Land OwnershipTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO3
Title 101 Part 4: Understanding Conveyances and LiensTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO4
Title 101 Part 5: Abstract and ExaminationTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO5
Title 101 Part 6: Understanding The CommitmentTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO6
Title 101 Part 7: EndorsementsTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO7
Title 101 Part 8: Surveys - New and ExistingTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO8
Title 101 Part 9: Basic Concepts of Escrows and Minimum StanTitle 1011.0011/7/201616INTRO9
Title 101: An Introduction To Title Insurance In TexasIntroductory10.0011/7/20162016INTROD
Closing Advice- Preparing and Fiduciary DutiesClosing Issues1.008/30/2016SCHCLOOD
Owning and Managing a Texas Title AgencyProfessional Training Program8.008/19/2016OWNING16OD
Curing Schedule C RequirementsCurative Issues1.004/9/2016STXCUROD
Notary Requirements and AcknowledgementsNotary Requirements1.004/9/2016STXNOTEOD
TRID Overview and UpdateTRID1.004/9/2016STXTRIDOD
Ethics: Negotiation and ProfessionalismEthics1.003/20/2016INSETH16OD
Probate, Death Deed, Survivorship and Lady Bird DeedsProbate1.003/5/2016INST151OD
Restrictions, Covenants, Reverters and Same Sex MarriageTitle Issues1.003/5/2016INST153OD
Closing a Commerical Transaction and Authority HurdlesEntities, Commercial Transactions, Objection Letters1.503/5/2016INST152OD
2015 Texas Land Title Institute-Part 2Various4.0012/5/2015PT2INST15
2015 Texas Land Title Institute-Part 1Various7.0012/5/2015PT1INST15
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On-Demand Webinars

These on demand programs are available for viewing anytime you want.
Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate Recorded
Deeds and Correction InstrumentsDeeds1.006/20/2017DEEDS17OD
Commercial Transactions: Papering a Smooth ClosingCommercial Closing1.005/16/2017COMC217OD
False Sense of Cyber SecurityCyber Fraud1.505/12/2017CYBER17OD
Surveys: Why Survey Matters MatterSurveys- Certification Topic1.505/11/2017SURVEY17OD
Commercial Transactions: A Race Against the ClockCommercial Closing1.005/9/2017COMC17OD
ForeclosuresForeclosure (Certification topic)1.004/20/2017FORC7OD
Affiliated Business ArrangementsAffiliated Business1.003/29/2017AFF17OD
The Long and Short of ItPolicies1.003/22/2017LONG17OD
Decedents' EstatesDecedents' Estates (Certification topic)1.503/16/2017DEC17OD
1031 ExchangeEscrow Issues1.503/8/2017103117OD
TAR Commercial Contract FormsCommercial1.003/7/2017COMM17OD
Unclaimed Property - Trial Balances and Dormant FundsEscrow Issues1.002/17/2017UNCL17OD
Credit When Credit Is DueRate Rules1.002/15/2017CREDIT17OD
Claims HappenClaims1.001/25/2017CLAIMS17OD
Stop TRID-ing WaterTRID1.001/10/2017TREAD17OD
Due Date, Do Dates and Checking It OutManagement1.5012/13/2016DDC16OD
Bankruptcy - A Title Insurance PerspectiveBankruptcy (Certification Topic)1.0011/12/2016BANK16OD
Escrow ProceduresEscrow1.0011/10/2016PROC16OD
Ethics- Things You Shouldn't DoEthics1.0011/3/2016SND16OD
Please Release Me Part 2Liens1.0010/18/2016RELEA2OD
CFPB, TRID and RESPACFPB, Certification Topic1.5010/12/2016CTR16OD
Escrow Accounting 101Accounting1.009/22/2016E10116OD
On-Time & Error Free TDI Experience ReportingCompliance1.509/8/2016TEST2016OD
I Walk the Line...the County LineProcedural Rules1.009/7/2016LINE16OD
Manufactured Housing As Real PropertyManufactured Housing1.008/24/2016MHU16OD
Cyber Crime Attacks: How To Prevent and RecoverCyber Fraud1.008/9/2016CRIME16OD
Avoiding TDI Audit Violations: Compliance Tips for Q2 & Q3Compliance TDI1.506/7/2016TDQ216OD
Claims and Ethical ConsiderationsEthics1.005/17/2016CLAIMS16OD
Divorce, Division and DissolutionDivorce1.005/4/2016DIVORC16OD
TRID- Six Months LaterTRID1.004/19/2016TRID16OD
Contract Dos and Don'tsContracts1.004/6/2016CONTRA16OD
The Ethical Title ProfessionalEthics1.003/24/2016ETHICS16OD
Construction Transactions and Insurability IssuesConstruction1.003/13/2016CONSTR16OD
Please Release MeLiens1.003/9/2016RELEASEOD
Endorsements- Land Is Not "Residential Real Property"Endorsements1.002/24/2016NONRES15OD
Common Residential EndorsementsEndorsements1.002/17/2016ENDOR15OD
Abstract & Exam: What You Need To KnowAbstract & Examination (Certification Topic)1.001/15/2016ABSTRA16OD
Avoiding TDI Audit Violations-Compliance After 10.3.15Compliance TDI1.501/13/2016TDAUD16OD
Closing Table Hot Topics- Tales From the Dark SideClosing/Escrow Issues1.001/12/2016CLOSE15OD
Is Your Reputation At Risk? Managing Consumer ComplaintsConsumer Satisfaction1.001/7/2016COMP15OD
Insured Closing Letters A-ZClosing/Escrow Issues1.0012/17/2015INSCLO15OD
Money PitClosing/Escrow Issues1.0012/11/2015MONEYP15OD
TRID- Tales From the TrenchesTRID1.5011/20/2015TRIDQ15
Funds, Fraud & Forgery- Fearsome Facts From the FrontFraud1.5011/18/2015FUNDS15OD
FIRPTA- Closing the Foreign SellerTaxes1.0010/27/2015FIRPTA15OD
Guarding the Guardianship, Trusting the TrusteeGuardianship (Certification Topic)1.0010/16/2015GUARD25OD
Catchy Tax IssuesAd Valorem Taxes1.0010/2/2015TAXES15OD
The Texas Transfer On Death DeedProbate1.009/24/2015TODD15OD
Policing the Data: Ensuring the Safety of NPIPrivacy1.009/17/2015TXNPPI15OD
On-Time & Error Free TDI Experience ReportingCompliance1.507/29/2015TEST2015OD
New Laws, New Requirements - What You Need To Know!Legislative1.007/8/2015LAWREQ15OD
The Texas Disclosure - What Goes On It & How To Explain ItCFPB1.007/7/2015TXDISC15OD
Twilight Zone of Cyber Fraud & Escrow TheftFraud1.006/3/2015FRAUD15OD
Escheating in TexasEscheating1.005/14/2015ESCH15OD