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In response to the late 2000s recession and financial crisis, the President signed the Dodd-Frank Act in July 2010, establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As a result, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) no longer regulates the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), and the Federal Reserve no longer regulates the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). The authority to regulate both now belongs to the CFPB. The Dodd-Frank Act requires the CFPB to reform the TILA and combine those disclosures with the RESPA requirements governing the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and HUD-1 Settlement Statement. On Nov. 20, 2013, the CFPB issued its final rule on combined mortgage disclosures with an Aug. 1, 2015 effective date. Read more about this process and the current status below.

News involving the new integrated disclosure form.
Loan Estimate with Truth in Lending Act disclosure citations (updated)  05/12/2016 CFPB
Closing Disclosure with Truth in Lending Act disclosure citations (updated) 05/12/2016 CFPB
Compliance FAQs: Which Settlement Statement Forms are Required and Which are Optional with TRID? 01/27/2016 TLTA
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Readiness Guide 4.0 Now Available
09/25/2015 CFPB
Wells Fargo Outlines Timelines for TRID Closings 09/24/2015 ALTA
How to Make a Vendor Prove It Really Is 'TRID-Ready'
09/21/2015 National Mortgage News
Realtors Help CFPB Director Cordray Unveil New Know Before You Owe Online Tools
09/17/2015  National Association of Realtors
House Committee Passes ALTA-supported Bill to Delay TRID Enforcement
08/05/2015 TLTA
CFPB Releases Spanish Version of TILA-RESPA Form Guide 07/30/2015 ALTA
CFPB Finalizes Two-month Extension for Integrated Disclosures Mortgage Rule 07/21/2015 CFPB
Managing the Unintended Consequences of TRID
07/20/2015 The M Report
ALTA to Host TRID Townhall on Facebook 07/14/2015 ALTA
Update on MSAs; TRID for Realtors, Avalanche of Freddie & Fannie Updates 07/14/2015  Mortgage News Daily
Bank of America Addresses TRID Questions 07/09/2015 ALTA
Texas Association of Realtors® Creates Permission Form for Releasing
Closing Disclosure to Real Estate Agents 

06/25/2015 TAR
CFPB Indicates How to Disclose Title Insurance Premiums in Seller-Pay Scenarios 06/24/2015 ALTA
The Top 5 Things to Know About TRID Now
06/22/2015 Mortgage Compliance Magazine
Bank of America : CFPB's TRID Rule - Responsibility for Compliance 06/20/2015 Housingwire
CFPB’s TRID Flip Brings Calls for More Changes 06/18/2015 National Mortgage Professional
TRID will Add a Week or More to Closings 06/15/2015 MarketWatch
Trade Groups Join Congress to Push CFPB for Formalized TRID Grace Period 06/11/2015 Housingwire
Are You Ready ... Five Things to Do to Prepare for TRID
06/11/2015 National Mortgage Professional
CFPB Issues Fact Sheet to Clarify Impact of Integrated Disclosures on Loan Closings
06/10/2015 CFPB

Enforcement Actions  
News related to CFPB penalizing, fining or taking action against banks, titles companies, underwriters, etc.

Mortgage Industry to CFPB: Stop Normalizing Bad Data 09/02/2015 Housingwire
Are Your Advertising Agreements Setting Off Red Flags at the CFPB? 07/16/2015 Inman News
CFPB Director Stops Short of Granting Enforcement Grace Period
06/10/2015 CFPB
House Bill Introduced to Allow for CFPB Enforcement Grace Period
06/10/2015 CFPB
CFPB and State of Maryland Take Action Against "Pay-To-Play" Mortgage Kickback Scheme 04/29/2015 CFPB
ALTA Provides Statement on New York Title Insurance Industry 04/29/2015 ALTA
CFPB Files Class-Action Suit in Texas Against Tax-Lien Lenders 04/09/2015 CFPB

The CFPB Identifies 6 Compliance Violations Trends

03/11/2015 Housingwire
Lessons From the CFPB/Wells/Chase Order 01/28/2015 MDN
CFPB Takes Action Against Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase for Illegal Mortgage Kickbacks 01/22/2015 CFPB
Bureau News  
News about the CFPB, the organization and its leadership.

CFPB Announces New Industry Advisory Board Members
09/18/2015 Housingwire
Supervision and Examination Manual Updated 09/15/2015 CFPB
CFPB Gives Alternative to Customer Service Frustrations 09/03/2015 TribLive
NAFCU to CFPB: Fix Your Consumer Complaint Database 08/28/2015 Housingwire
Warren vs. Cruz Over the Future of the CFPB
07/23/2015 National Mortgage Professional Magazine
CFPB 'Snapshot' Draws More Attention to Complaint Database 07/16/2015 DSNews
Senate Banking Puts CFPB and Cordray in the Crosshairs
07/14/2015 Housingwire
TLTA Provides CFPB Comment Letter 07/08/2015 TLTA
What to Expect When You're Expecting a CFPB Administrative Action
07/06/2015 Housingwire
CFPB Asks For Comments on Enhanced Consumer Compliant Database 07/01/2015 Housingwire
CFPB Proposes Two-Month Extension of "Know Before You Owe" Rule 06/25/2015 CFPB
The Grace Period That Wasn't: CFPB Stays Course on New Disclosures 06/03/2015 National Mortgage News
ALTA President to Testify Tomorrow before House Financial Services Subcommittee 05/13/2015 ALTA
CFPB Announces Update to Mortgage Origination Examination Procedures 05/06/2015 CFPB
CFPB Announces Webinar on Integrated Disclosure Rule 05/06/2015 CFPB
Industry News    
CFPB news related to the title, insurance and/or mortgage banking industries.

CFPB Finalizes Rule to Facilitate Access to Credit in Rural and Underserved Areas 09/21/2015 CFPB
Texas Association of Realtors® Creates Permission Form for Releasing Closing Disclosure
to Real Estate Agents
06/11/2015 TAR
Texas Association of Realtors Educating Members on TRID 05/06/2015 Housingwire
TLTA Members Give TRID Update at TMBA Conference 05/06/2015 TLTA
Survey: TRID Impact Riles Most Mortgage Bankers 04/30/2015 Housingwire
New, Simpler Mortgage Disclosure Forms Could Delay Closings 04/20/2015
Lenders Will Begin Asking Title Insurance Agents About Data Security 04/11/2015 LOMAP Massachusetts
The Underappreciated Impact of Dodd-Frank: The Rise of Federal and State Regulatory Cooperation 04/09/2015 DS News
It Will Take a Village to Close a Mortgage in 2015 04/03/2015 Inman News
CFPB Education    
Links to TLTA's CFPB classes

TLTA CFPB Update News
TLTA coverage and more information about this issue.
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Additional information and resources about this issue, including rules, forms, websites or other documents.
How TDI Regulates and Oversees Title Insurance Agents    
CFPB Own a Home Tool    
CFPB eRegulations    

CFPB Final Rule Breakdown

CFPB Final Rule Combining Mortgage Disclosure Forms (Note 18mb PDF file)

TLTA Letters to the CFPB on Aspects of the Proposal

On the Mortgage Closing Process Letter  
For Shared Responsibility of Form


Talking Points

Against Three-Day Waiting Period


Talking Points

For Standardized Closing Disclosure Form


Talking Points

Against Machine Readable Requirement


Talking Points

Against Inclusion of Title Insurance in APR


Talking Points

Joint Industry Letter Against Inclusion of Title Insurance in APR



Round 5 of Combined Mortgage Disclosure Forms



Round 3 of Combined Mortgage Disclosure Forms



Round 2 of Combined Mortgage Disclosure Forms



Round 1 of Combined Mortgage Disclosure Forms



Additional Resources

CFPB Press Release on Final Rule Combining Mortgage Disclosure Forms  
CFPB Proposed Rule Combining Mortgage Disclosure Forms


SBREFA Outline of Proposals Under Consideration and Alternatives Considered


Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 (Dodd-Frank Act)


Dodd-Frank Act Summary


H.R.3126 Establishing the CFPB


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Website