TLTA educates 5,000 title professionals every year and offers 100 hours of continuing education annually, in addition to a full on-demand library. In the left column, you’ll find all of our upcoming programming. Our programming is designed for title professionals, attorneys and other related industry professionals. In the middle column, we list our webinars, in-person programs, continuing education on demand and other featured programs. In the right column, you’ll find TDI’s continuing education requirements.

Annual Programs
Owning & Managing a
Texas Title Agency
TLTA is pleased to present an updated on-demand recording of a unique educational opportunity for new title agency owners, those new to a management position or those in need of a refresher. 

Continuing Education
TITLE 101: Intro to Title Insurance Series

Update coming soon as we prepare a new version of TITLE 101.


Legal Library
Use the resources from TLTA's Texas Land Title Institute to continue your education in the Texas title industry.


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