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Make a Career Commitment

By making a contribution to the TLTAPAC every year that you are employed in the industry, you are showing others your commitment to a healthy title industry. You are demonstrating your dedication to the Texas title industry and helping keep our voice strong. Make a Career Commitment now by completing this form

  • You will be recognized prominently on the TLTAPAC website.
  • You will receive a special ribbon at TLTA events.
  • TLTA will send you a contribution reminder each year of your Career Commitment.
  • You may contact the TLTA office if you need to change your annual contribution amount.
Join these dedicated title professionals who have agreed to make an annual contribution to the TLTAPAC for the rest of their title industry career:

Career Commitment

I Give Because...

"I am proud and honored to have donated to the TLTAPAC and to have also made a Career Commitment. Making this commitment is my way of providing continuous support to the TLTAPAC on behalf of the industry that has furthered my career.

The title industry is constantly being challenged as to its worth and the TLTAPAC works tirelessly with legislators to inform them and educate them about its value. TLTAPAC allows the voices of all Texas title professionals to be heard by our elected officials.

My active involvement in TLTA encourages my participation in the TLTAPAC. Supporting the TLTAPAC is a professional and financial investment."

- Joey Prohaska, CTIP, Professional Escrow and Title Services, Inc.