2023 Rulemaking Hearing

On Dec. 21, 2023 Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner Brown issued a formal order approving the exhibits containing a proposal to update, correct and clarify rules and forms in the Basic Manual. This order does not address the Basic Premium Rate, which is being addressed at TDI under a separate proceeding.

The rules and endorsement rate adjustments proposed by TLTA during this process were generated by TLTA's Regulatory Committee and approved by TLTA's Board of Directors following many years of work. Our proposed rule package contained several improvements to current procedural rules, a modernization of certain fees, new endorsements, and plain language rewrites.

Notices & Orders

TDI's Formal Order - December 21, 2023
Rule Making Agenda Items Grid

TDI’s Hearing Notice - September 6, 2023
TDI Rule Proposal
TDI Proposal Exhibits

TLTA Petition (w/ exhibits)
TLTA Comments on Rulemaking Items (w/ exhibits) - November 14, 2023


TDI Commissioner Issues Order Approving Exhibits for Formal Basic Manual Rulemaking
TLTA | December 22, 2023

TDI to Consider Proposals to Update Basic Manual During Rulemaking Hearing Nov. 15
TLTA | September 20, 2023