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TLTA staff and our lobby team work under the direction of TLTA's Board of Directors and Legislative Committee to pursue the fulfilment of our legislative priorities, work with industry allies on broader legislative issues that could impact the real estate marketplace, and monitor all legislation filed during the legislative session. Working alongside the TLTA members who make up our corps of Local Legislative Liaisons, we maintain open lines of communication with legislators and legislative leadership, make ourselves available to answer questions, and actively work the legislative process to protect and strengthen our industry.

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TLTA Legislative Priorities - 88th Legislative Session

These affirmative legislative agenda items were approved by TLTA's Board of Directors as recommended by our Legislative Committee, which is chaired by Steve Streiff. These statutory changes would improve real estate transactions statewide:

Bills TLTA's Board of Directors Voted to Support

TLTA's Board of Directors met Tuesday, April 4, and voted to support the following four bills:

Bill Position Related To
HB 4 (Rep Capriglione) SUPPORT Relating to the regulation of the collection, use, processing, and treatment of consumers' personal data by certain business entities; imposing a civil penalty.
HB 219 (Rep. Noble)
SUPPORT Relating to the release of a deed of trust or other contract lien securing a home loan after payoff by mortgagor.
HB 1040 (Rep. Paul)
SUPPORT Relating to the authority of entities regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance to conduct business electronically.
HB 1901 (Rep. Smithee)
SUPPORT Relating to the filing of an annual audit report by a title insurance company, title insurance agent, or direct operation.
TLTA's Board of Directors met Tuesday, April 4, and voted to support the following bills, with the caveat that these bills would need to be amended to accomplish the goals discussed by the board in consultation with TLTA's Legislative Committee and advocacy team:

Bill Position Related To
HB 611 (Rep Capriglione) SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the creation of the criminal offense of unlawful disclosure of residence address or telephone number.
HB 1195 (Rep. Holland)
SB 319 (Sen. Hall)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the authority of a county to require photo identification to file certain documents with the county clerk.
HB 1382 (Rep. Hernandez)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the public sale of real property taken in execution of a judgment.
HB 1765 (Rep. Burns)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the redaction of certain information from a document posted on the Internet by a county clerk or district clerk on request of a person to whom the information relates.
HB 1823 (Rep. Sherman)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to certain documents or instruments purporting to convey real or personal property.
HB 1915 (Rep. Hefner)
SB 604 (Sen. King)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to land services performed by a landman.
HB 2267 (Rep. Leach)
SB 809 (Sen. Paxton)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the sale of unplatted lots in certain subdivisions of land.
HB 3573 (Rep. Lambert)
SB 895 (Sen. Johnson)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to modernizing the regulation of money services businesses.
HB 3657 (Rep. Anchía)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to notaries public; creating a criminal offense.
HB 4513 (Rep. Toth)
SUPPORT WITH AMMENDMENT Relating to the authority of an individual, before purchasing real property to be used as the individual's residence homestead, to request from the chief appraiser of the applicable appraisal district a preliminary determination of whether the property would qualify for a disabled veteran exemption if purchased by the individual and used for that purpose.

Follow Legislation

TLTA closely tracks several hundred bills over the course of the legislative session. The TLTA Legislative Committee reviews all tracked bills and provides feedback on how these bills could potentially affect the title insurance industry. See TLTA's 2023 Bills of Interest

You too can follow legislation which you are particularly concerned about. The Texas Legislature Online contains the full searchable text of Texas laws, bills and Constitution. It also includes a schedule of events at the Capitol building, links to the House and Senate calendars and other news and information about the Texas Legislature. If you feel a bill is of particular importance and want to make sure TLTA is on top of it please email Aaron Day at aaron@tlta.com.

Find Your Legislators

Find out who represents you here.

Get Involved

Educate your local policymakers about the title insurance industry using TLTA’s Title Insurance One-Pagers .

Become a Local Legislative Liaison. If you have a personal connection to a legislator and are interested in connecting with your local legislator as part of our Local Legislative Liaison network, please let us know by contacting Brandon Custer at 512.472.6593. We may call on you to help us advocate for key legislation that affects the title insurance industry.

Invest in your profession. The Texas Land Title Association’s political action committee, TLTAPAC,  is an essential part of the advocacy program at TLTA. The voluntary, non-partisan organization is exclusively dedicated to promoting the Texas land title insurance industry to members of the Texas Legislature and other elected officials.

Let us know if you hear about issues that could impact our industry. If you hear anything about legislation or legislative activity that causes you concern, would you alert us, please? Our legislative footing is most stable when we identify and address problems early in the process.

Day at the Capitol

TLTA’s Day at the Capitol is a biennial event for every title professional. It is an excellent opportunity for you to speak directly with your legislators about the issues that impact our title industry and ultimately your bottom line.

TLTA’s 2023 Day at the Capitol was a success, and we enjoyed packing the halls of the Texas Capitol with title professional from across the state. Check out photos from the event here .

If you are interested in further connecting with your local legislator, please let us know by contacting Brandon Custer at 512.472.6593.

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