Upcoming Exam Dates and Application Deadlines

In-person certification testing has been suspended at this time. Please contact lynne@tlta.com for more information.

About the Exam

Each exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and the exam is time limited to 3 hours.

Twenty-eight (28) core knowledge areas will be included in the CESP, CAEP and CTIP exams. Outlines for each core knowledge content area are available on the ‘Get Prepared’ section of the Certification webpage.

Exam results will be sent by mail, to the examinee only, within four weeks of the exam date. Exams are scored by an impartial third party. Exam results will indicate only a Pass or Fail status and will not include an exam score. Individuals that do not achieve a passing status will also receive a bar graph indicating the areas of deficiency.

Individuals that do not achieve a passing status are eligible to retake the exam by paying a $65 retake fee, per retake, within two (2) years of the original exam date. After 2 years, individuals must reapply and the regular application and exam fees would apply.