Anxious About the Exam? What to Expect

Has it been a while since you took a standardized test? Do you want to know more about what to expect?

This page will provide you with information and sample questions to put your mind at ease and help you feel more prepared.

When should I take the exam?

Once your application has been submitted and approved, TLTA will contact you to pay the exam fee and schedule an exam date. Exams must be scheduled within 6 months of paying the exam fee. TLTA recommends you have a date in mind upon submitting your application, so you can study and prepare.

What will I need to take the online exam?

There are a few basic technology requirements:
  • Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Camera
  • Microphone
You will find more details on preparing for the technology requirements including a pre-exam day system check, firewalls, internet, MAC and more  via this link. 

What are the additional online exam rules?

  • You will be asked to show a government issued photo ID at the beginning of the exam.
  • You may test in your home or office, as long as your remote proctor can verify that you are the only one in the room.
  • Dual monitors must be turned off. Only one monitor is to be used to test.
  • Blue-tooth devices must be turned off.
  • Smart watches, cell phones, tablets, radios, or other communication devices must be stored out of sight during your exam
  • Beverages are allowed.
  • Blank scratch paper is allowed. You will be asked to destroy the scratch paper in front of the proctor at the end of the exam.

What happens during the on-boarding process and during the exam?

Curious about what the exam day on-boarding process and the exam will look like? View the TLTA Exam Day Manual.

How long is the exam and how many questions are on the exam?

You have three hours to take the Exam. Each test has 150 multiple choice questions. There is only one correct answer per question. Every time the exam is offered, it is a different exam comprised of a new selection of questions from the TLTA Certification test bank. You may use scratch paper to take notes, which you’ll destroy in front of the online exam proctor upon completion of the exam. Some questions are weighted heavier than others depending on their difficulty. You must obtain a score of 75 percent or more to pass. Exam results will indicate only a Pass or Fail status and will not include an exam score. Individuals that do not achieve a passing status will also receive a bar graph indicating the areas of deficiency.

Where do I get help in preparing for the exam questions?

Twenty-eight (28) core knowledge areas will be included in the CESP, CAEP and CTIP exams. Outlines for each core knowledge content area are available on the ‘Get Prepared’ section of the Certification webpage.

Can I see some sample questions?

Listed at the end of the page are some examples of test bank questions, so you can feel more comfortable with the style of the test. The answers are listed in bold.

Who grades my exam?

An impartial third-party testing company proctors and grades your online exam. 

How long until I receive my results?

You will receive your results by email within two hours. 

What happens if I pass?

If you receive a passing grade, TLTA will mail your certificate and designation pin to the home address noted on your application. You will receive a letter indicating you have successfully passed the exam and renewal information to keep your designation current. You will not receive your actual exam score.

What happens if I fail?

Don’t be discouraged! It is not uncommon to receive a score that is not passing on the first attempt. The tests are challenging, and it is easy to be anxious about taking a standardized test! If you receive a notice informing you that you did not receive a passing score, you will also receive a report on the areas you can improve upon for the next exam. You may retake the exam within a six-month period without having to reapply. You will have to pay a re-test fee of $65, and you can contact TLTA to pay the re-test fee and receive instructions for scheduling your exam. 

Are my results confidential?

The identity and information concerning TLTA Certification candidates is confidential. We do not reveal the exam score and do not discuss pass/fail results over the phone. Your results are emailed to the email address indicated on your application.

Certification Question Examples

Please see this link for sample exam questions.

Do you have additional questions we did not answer? Please call 512.879.2883 or e-mail We would be delighted to personally assist you.