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Program TitleDate RecordedTopic
1031 Exchange3/8/2017Escrow IssuesFN103117
Abstract and Examination1/4/2018Abstract and ExaminationFNEXAM18
Additional Collateral and Other Hot Topics 201711/8/2017Closing/Escrow IssuesFNCOLL17
Affiliated Business Arrangements3/29/2017Affiliated BusinessFNAFF17
Alphabet Soup7/20/2017Title TermsFNALPHA17
Are You Afraid of (the) Commitment?5/9/2018CommitmentsFNCOMMIT17
Bankruptcy - A Title Insurance Perspective11/12/2016Bankruptcy (Certification Topic)FNBANK16
Catchy Tax Issues10/2/2017Ad Valorem TaxesFNTAXES17
CFPB, TRID and RESPA10/12/2016CFPB, Certification TopicFNCTR16OD
Claims Avoidance6/19/2018ClaimsFNAVOID18
Claims Happen1/25/2017ClaimsFNCLAIMS17
Claims. They Never Happen, Right?3/22/2018ClaimsFNCLAIMS18
Commercial Transactions: A Race Against the Clock5/9/2017Commercial ClosingFNCOMC17
Commercial Transactions: Papering a Smooth Closing5/16/2017Commercial ClosingFNCOMC217
Construction: Closing and Insuring3/6/2018ConstructionFNCONST18
Cyber Crime and Real Estate: Manage Your Risk1/18/2018Cyber CrimeFNRISK18
Cyber Crime Attacks: How To Prevent and Recover8/9/2016Cyber FraudFNCRIME16
Decedents' Estates3/16/2017Decedents' Estates (Certification topic)FNDEC17
Deeds and Correction Instruments6/20/2017DeedsFNDEEDS17
Drafting Mistakes That Lead To Title Litigation6/20/2018DraftingFNDRAFT18
Due Date, Do Dates and Checking It Out12/13/2016ManagementFNDDC16OD
Elder Financial Exploitation: The Crime of the 21st Century8/16/2017Elder AbuseFNELD17
Endorsements- Land Is Not "Residential Real Property"2/15/2018EndorsementsFNNONRES17
Escrow Accounting 1019/22/2016AccountingFNE10116
Escrow Procedures11/10/2016EscrowFNPROC16
Ethics: Things You Shouldn't Do11/3/2016EthicsFNSND16
Examining Title After Tax Sale or Judgement Execution Sale7/19/2018ForeclosureFNEXEC18
False Sense of Cyber Security5/12/2017Cyber FraudFNCYBER17
Federal Closing Issues3/14/2018Closing IssuesFNFED18
Foreclosures4/20/2017Foreclosures (Certification topic)FNFORC17
Funds, Fraud and Forgery- Updates From the Frontlines11/17/2017FraudFNFUNDS17
Home Equity Loans and Reverse Mortgages12/21/2017Home EquityFNHOMEE17
Home Equity Update2/20/2018Home EquityFNHEU18
I Walk the Line...the County Line9/7/2016Procedural RulesFNLINE16
Intro To the Rules7/18/2018Rate RulesFNRUL18
Manufactured Housing As Real Property8/24/2016Manufactured HousingFNMHU16
New Texas Laws That Affect Your Business9/7/2017LegislativeFNLEG17
Notable Notary- Notaries, Acknowledgments and Jurats7/26/2017NotaryFNNOTE17
Online Closing: New Tools for Title Agents4/5/2018Closing IssuesFNONLINE18
Overview of the (Not So Basic) Basic Manual1/11/2018Basic ManualFNBASICM18
Please Release Me- Part 210/18/2016LiensFNRELEA2
Policies- What ELSE You Need To Know3/7/2018PoliciesFNPOL18
Powers of Attorney- New Legislation10/16/2017LegislativeFNPOA17
Record Retention4/11/2018Escrow IssuesFNRECORD18
Residential Endorsements2/23/2018EndorsementsFNRES18
Stop TRID-ing Water1/10/2017TRIDFNTREAD17
Surveys: Why Survey Matters Matter5/11/2017Surveys- Certification TopicFNSURVEY17
TAR Commercial Contract Forms3/7/2017CommercialFNCOMM17
TDI Compliance Audits: Review, Tips and Guidance12/14/2017TDI ComplianceFNTDI17
Texas Transfer On Death Deeds4/26/2018TODDFNTODD18
The Long and Short of It3/22/2017PoliciesFNLONG17
The Texas Fee Attorney10/18/2017LegalFNFEE17
Unclaimed Property - Trial Balances and Dormant Funds2/17/2017Escrow IssuesFNUNCL17
What To Expect Before, During and After An Audit3/20/2018AuditsFNSMOOTH18