2021 Abstracting and Examination Fundamentals On Demand

Recorded April, 2021.

Abstracting & Examination Fundamentals: A Practical Approach - On Demand

Texas title insurance professionals have been calling for an educational program that helps agents strengthen, preserve and perpetuate their abstracting and examination departments – this new on-demand course will provide title professionals with one to three years title industry experience with valuable and comprehensive information regarding the process of abstracting and examining.  Attendees will learn about the fundamentals of abstracting and examination from experienced pros.

On-Demand Program Includes:

Title Examination Standards – Chance Perkins, CAEP, Vice President, Underwriting Counsel, First National Title Insurance Company
An overview of the history and purpose of the Texas Title Examination Standards and their relation to the issuance of title insurance policies, endorsements and the Basic Manual and Title 11. 

The Art of the Search – Brandi Abercrombie, CESP, CTIP, Texas Agency Manger, Vice President Escrow Education, National Investors Title Insurance Company
A discussion of ownership, estates, types of documents and an introduction to the process.

Title Commitments – Brandi Abercrombie, CESP, CTIP
What are they and how do they relate to the search and examination process?

Surveys: Dealing with the Facts – J. Christopher Phillips, President & CEO, First National Title Insurance Company and Sean Everest, Vice President, Underwriting Counsel, First National Title Insurance Company
Learn the essentials and get an in-depth review of surveys.

Common Examination Problems – Lisa M. Beville, JD, CPA, CTIP, VP/Agency Support Services/Regional Education Coordinator, Fidelity National Title Group
An explanation of how homestead, estates and more may affect the final product.

Read, Read, Read – Live Session All speakers
What are you looking for on all those documents?

CE – 5.5 hours of Escrow Credit 
NOTE: If you attended the Virtual Abstracting & Examination Fundamentals presentation and received credit, you will not be eligible for credit for the on-demand version

CE Credit:

5.5 hours General Escrow Credit (expires 3/25/23)
Review TLTA's reporting procedures for escrow officer CE credit 

Registration fee:

Member $395 | Non Member $525

Under Procedural Rule P-28 II I-6, TDI will not award credit hours for completing the same course more than once per reporting period. Since this course is also currently available through another instruction method, you will not be granted credit for both the live and the on demand version of this course.


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4/22/2021 - 3/25/2023
On Demand Online

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