Mechanic's Liens in Texas: Escrow and Title... (On Demand)

Record date January 13, 2022

In this webinar, attendees will learn about how mechanic’s liens work in Texas. They will be introduced to specific terms related to the topic, as well as the kinds of parties that are eligible to claim a mechanic’s lien. Attendees will also learn about different standards related to statutory and constitutional mechanic’s liens, as well as the special requirements necessary for perfecting a mechanic’s lien on homestead property. 

Additionally, information and examples will be provided relating to escrow and closing, such as the various rate rules concerning a construction loan closing and the premium credit calculation for an owner’s policy surrender, as well as title examination, such as the inclusion of P-8 exceptions on Schedule B of the Commitment and the various requirements which may be needed on Schedule C of the Commitment. 

Finally, curative standards will be discussed covering certain issues, such as the different kinds of bonds which may be available, as well as the expedited legal procedure set out in the Property Code for obtaining a release order. Also, the different limitation periods will be discussed, including the changes under the recent revisions to Chapter 53 of the Property Code taking affect on January 1, 2022.


Kelly Love, North American Title Insurance Company (Doma)

Member $40
Nonmember $54

CE Credit:
1.0 Escrow Credit (expires 12/17/23)

For those with some experience on the topic and/or the title industry. May include real-world application and/or specific and detailed information. For more information on TLTA's rating system, please click here.



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Member- $35.00
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Member- $35.00
Nonmember- $49.00

1/13/2022 10:30 AM - 12/17/2023 11:59 PM
Online Webinar, On demand

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