Sign, Cosign or No-Sign Requirements (On Demand)

Record date May 13, 2021

The goal of this course is to familiarize title insurance professionals with requirements regarding the parties required to execute conveyance documents.

Upon completion of the course, attendees should:

  • Have a general understanding of how to determine who may have to sign documents creating the estate or interest to be insured.
  • Understand that the goal of the title insurer is to reduce the risk that someone may later complain about the sale of mortgage.
  • Be aware that marital status plays an important role in determining who must sign.
  • Have an understanding of separate property, community property and homestead property.
  • Clearly understand how divorce affects requirements regarding who must sign.
  • Have a better understanding of how special types of loans create special requirements in regard to who must sign.
  • Have an opportunity to understand the difference between testate and intestate decedents.
  • Have an understanding of different types of probates.
  • Clearly understand that all heirs must sign when there is no probate.
  • Have a general understanding of the requirements when a corporation has been dissolved.

Frances Hughes, CTIP, Providence Title

Member $40
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CE Credit: 
1.0 Escrow Credit (expires 5/4/25)

For those with some experience on the topic and/or the title industry. May include real-world application and/or specific and detailed information.

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Under Procedural Rule P-28 II I-6, TDI will not award credit hours for completing the same course more than once per reporting period. Since this course is also currently available through another instruction method, you will not be granted credit for both the live and the on demand version of this course.


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Member- $35.00
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Member- $35.00
Nonmember- $49.00

5/13/2021 - 5/4/2025
Online Webinar, On demand

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