Updated Reporting Requirements for Escrow Officer CE Programs Completed after March 7, 2019

If you are an Escrow Officer and need CE hours, please verify your license number in your profile prior to registering for a course. Sign in to tlta.com, click on your profile and verify the license number on the bottom left corner of your profile page as shown in the screenshot below:

If you do not see your license number in your profile, please contact membership@tlta.com to update your information or call 512.472.6593.

TLTA will post your continuing credit hours in Sircon on your behalf. Please allow for 10 business days for the credit to post. If you do not see your hours by that time, please contact education@tlta.com.

To verify your credit has been posted, please visit www.sircon.com/Texas.
  • On the left panel, click on ‘Look up education course/credits’
  • Select the ‘Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry’
  • Select Texas from the drop-down menu
  • Input your license number and last name, click submit
  • The site will generate your transcript showing your posted credit
  • You will only see credit submitted by approved providers if the course was completed after March 7, 2019
  • Any TLTA courses taken prior to March 7th, 2019 will not appear in your transcript. Do not worry, the hours from your certificates still count
    • The licensee will have to manually report these hours to TDI
    • To manually report attendance to TDI, simply e-mail the certificates received from your approved provider to TDI (CE@tdi.texas.gov) and include a message that you are reporting credit for classes taken before March 7, 2019 with your current (new) license number.
    • Also note, licensees only need to report credit for the CURRENT term they are in. For example, if your term started Dec 2018, then TDI does not need courses before that, as those courses would not count toward your current CE requirements

Live programs (classroom courses):

Programs under TDI’s category of “Classroom Courses” include live, in-person programs such as Land Title School of Texas, Texas Land Title Institute, etc. Classroom courses also include live webinars.

Live, in person programs

TLTA will hand out attendance forms for live, in-person programs during the meeting. You must return your attendance forms to TLTA staff before leaving the live program. If you do not turn in your attendance form before you leave the program, you will be ineligible to receive Escrow credit. Please allow TLTA 10 business days to submit your CE to Sircon on your behalf.

Live webinars

TLTA will issue an attendance form for live webinars. Attendance forms will be included in the emailed confirmation details that will be sent to you twice in the 24-hour window before the webinar begins. You must submit your attendance form to attendance@tlta.com on the same day as the live webinar. TLTA will not accept your attendance form any day after the record date (i.e., you will be ineligible to receive Escrow credit should you fail to submit you attendance form on the same day as the CE program). Please allow TLTA 10 business days to submit your CE to Sircon on your behalf. 

On demand videos and webinars (classroom equivalent courses):

Programs under TDI’s category of “Classroom Equivalent Courses” include on-demand webinars (i.e., a recording of a live webinar) and on-demand videos (i.e., a recording of a live, in-person program). 
Once you purchase an on-demand program, access instructions may take 30 minutes to be delivered. Once you receive access instructions, locate the program you purchase in your TLTA Profile. 
After you select your program from your TLTA profiles, you will see another set of instructions: 

You must follow all instructions to obtain a certificate for your records. The Certificate of Completion is for your records only; you will not submit it to TDI.
Once you have successfully completed your certificate, TLTA will automatically be alerted, and we will report your hours into Sircon within 10 business days. 
If you watch the program after the course has expired, you will be ineligible to receive Escrow credit.