Continuing Education Information

For Full TITLE 101 Series Purchase:

If your company has purchased the full series, you may use the full series package for training purposes (no CE). To access the content, you will sign in to using the username and password of the person who purchased the full package. You may access these videos and handouts as many times as you want until 5/6/2023.

Access to certificates for this program is not included in the full series purchase price. Should you have team members that want to watch certain videos and obtain CE credit for attending, you may register them and pay for their access of that program and the certificate. Please note, this will require an additional payment and registration within their own unique profile. The person requiring CE will need to sign in to with their own unique username and password, they will need to register and pay for the on-demand video in their own profiles BEFORE watching it to obtain credit. If you purchase the package, you may use a discount code to register and pay for your team members to access the Title 101 individual videos at a discounted rate. To obtain the discount code after purchasing the Full Title 101 Series, please email

How to register and pay for CE separately (for companies who have purchased the full series)

Here is a recap of the instructions:
  • Use one form per person, per part (copy form as needed)
  • Title 101 Full Series Package is intended to be a training tool for cross training and orientation of new hires, not for CE purposes
  • After purchasing the package, you will use the username and password of the full series purchaser to access all videos and handouts (no CE will be offered for using the full package)
  • If you have members that need CE, you will contact to get the discount code for the individual sessions at a discounted price.
  • You must register them and have them watch the program in their own profile, they will not be able to watch the session in your package and email TLTA to request credit
    • They have to watch it in their unique profile so TLTA can verify their attendance and time they watched the program to the Texas Department of Insurance
  • You will register the team member for the individual session, use the discount code upon checkout to get the individual unit for a discount
  • They will then have to watch the session in their own unique profile to obtain a certificate in their name. If they are a licensed escrow officer, their attendance will be reported into Sircon within 10 business days.

For purchasing individual parts of the TITLE 101 Series:

If you attended the live, virtual event in May, 2021, you are not eligible for CE credit from this webinar series.
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