TLTA Member Companies

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Current Associate Members

Adams, Bennett, Duncan & Henley
Advanced IT Concepts, Inc.
AgTexas, FCS
Altitude Tax, LLC
American Identity Group
Ameristar Information Network, LLC
APG, a LERETA Company
Atkins, Hollmann, Jones, Peacock, Lewis & Lyon, Inc.
Atlas, Hall & Rodriguez, LLP
Austin Data, Inc.
Avanta Risk Management
AzTex Consulting, LLC
Bank Shot
Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, L.L.P.
Barry & Sewart, PLLC
BBS Notary Services
Beard & Lane, P.C.
Bedell Law, PLLC
Beesley & Albert, PLLC
Billye G. Souder, Attorney
Black Knight
Black Mann & Graham, LLP
Bonafide Title Solutions, LLC
Canaan Title Solutions LLC
Cantey Hanger LLP
Capital Farm Credit, FLCA
Charles E. Fitch, P.C.
Charles Newton & Associates
Christman Attorneys, PLLC
City of Houston - Houston Public Works-Capital ProjectsReal Estate Services
City of Houston Legal Department - Real Estate Division
Clutts and Company LLP
Cochran Group, Inc.
Comerica Bank
Consolidated County Record Systems
CRRG, Inc.
Data Trace
Dawn Lin & Associates P.C.
De Lange, Hudspeth, McConnell & Tibbets, L.L.P.
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Dorsett Johnson & Swift, LLP
Doyle Law Firm, PLLC
Draycott Place Consulting LLC
Ed Hill & Company, CPAs, LLC
eData Solutions Inc.
Emerge Notary Agency
English Law Group, PLLC
eNotaryLog, LLC
ERecording Partners Network
Exacta Land Surveyors
Express Land Title Inc. Dba Express Search
First American Exchange Company
Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald, PLLC
Flynn, Francis & Ryan, LLP
FUGO Services
Fullskope LLC
Gambit Real Estate Services, LLC
Garris Horn LLP
GeoQuest Information Services, LLC
Gollob Morgan Peddy PC
Gray Reed & McGraw, LLP
Gregg & Valby, LLP
hal File
Hance Scarborough, LLP
Hanszen Laporte LLP
Hassen Law Firm
Hollerbach & Associates, Inc.
Horton & Archibald, P.C. – Attorneys/Allegiance Title Company
ICE Mortgage Technology
iiExperts, LLC
Imersion Global, Inc.
Imperio Real Estate
Independent Financial
Innergex Renewable Energy USA, LLC
Investors 1031 Exchange
Invicta Law Firm
Irelan McDaniel PLLC
Ishmael Law Firm, P.C.
J. Marc Hesse, PC
Jackson Walker, L.L.P.
James P. Farrar, P.C.
Kathleen Bradley, P.C.
Keating Brown PLLC
KNDS Law Firm
Larry E. Meyer, Attorney at Law
Law Office of Allen, Shea and Tonya Place
Law Office of Herbert W. Treger
Law Office of Jerel J. Hill
Law Office of Latra Szal, PC
Law Offices of Steven Gross
Lien Sweeper
Lisa K. Piscitelli, PC
LK Jordan & Associates
Loan Star Information Services
Lowell O. Dunn, P.C.
M. Keith Stitt & Associates
Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.
MAD Title Services, LLC
Mann Phillips, PLLC
MarJuana Bush Williams PLLC
Mays & Associates, PLLC
McGarvey PLLC
McGinnis Lochridge, LLP
McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, P.C.
Michael J. Schroeder, P.C.
Michael L. Hoffman, P.C.
MidFirst Bank
Mobile Home Title Service
Morris, Lendais, Hollrah & Snowden
Nancy Waggoner, CPA
Network Transaction Solutions
Newman & Lawler, PLLC
NextAce Corporation
North Star Information, LP
Notaries To You
Old Republic Exchange
Oliver Law Office
PeirsonPatterson, LLP
Pena and Pena PLLC
Perry Cockerell, PC
Phillips & Gilchrist, LLP
Phillips & Phillips, PLLC
Polunsky Beitel Green, LLP
Powell Law Group LLP
Pristine Title Services
Proven Surveying
Quality Outsource, LLC
Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C.
Rector & Eargle, P.C.
Reid, Strickland & Gillette, L.L.P.
Robertson Anschutz Vetters, LLC
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company
Schwartz | Manente (DocsDirect)
Scott, Ray, Pemberton & Goll, PLLC
Securance Specialty Insurance Services
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Shawn P. Black & Associates, L.L.P.
Skyline Lien Search
SLK Global Solutions America, Inc.
Southern Loan Servicing
Stephens & Myers LLP
Stewart Insurance
Stewart Law PLLC
Tablerock Survey, LLC
Tarleton + Boswell, PLLC
Tax Solutions – FIRPTA Consulting
Texas Capital Bank
The Cope Law Firm, PLLC
The Hay Legal Group PLLC
The Keller Firm
The Laird Law Firm
The Law Office of Buck Shapiro, PLLC
The Notary Butler LLC
The Wade Law Firm, P.C.
Title Data, Inc.
Title Pac, Inc.
TitleLogix Solutions, LLC
TrustLink Services
United Tax Services, Inc.
United Texas Bank
Walter A. Schroeder, P.C.
Wilson, Robertson & Cornelius, P.C.
Wright Law TX, PLLC
Zapdesk, LLC
Zarazua Law