Rules Governing Existing Escrow Officer Licenses Will Change in March, Licenses Must Be Renewed Under New Rules 

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On Dec. 7, 2018, Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner Kent Sullivan adopted new escrow officer licensing rules that are changing how escrow officer licenses will be handled. The rules governing current licenses will expire March 7, 2019; new rules in effect moving forward will apply to renewals and new licenses.

If you are an escrow officer, watch closely for communication from TDI regarding the status of your current license, as well as your new license expiration or renewal dates.   \

Escrow officer licenses will no longer be held by the employer title agent. Escrow officers will hold and be responsible for their own licenses under the new rules, and they will be required to have an appointment by the employer title agent. Title agents will still be responsible for the escrow officer's bond.

Future expiration and renewal periods will be based on the birth month of a licensed escrow officer.

Escrow officers will be responsible for their continuing education requirements. An additional hour of ethics training will be required under the new rules. 

TLTA will provide additional analysis of the specific changes and agenda items that make up the rule adoption order referenced above, and post it on TLTA's website when complete. 

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TLTA is hosting a webinar, TDI Administrative Rules: L1 and L3 Update and Overview, which will feature TDI staff overseeing the implementation of the new licensing system and rules. 

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