First TLTA Affirmative Agenda Item on Governor's Desk – Clarifies Lis Pendens Expungement

By TLTA Staff
May 10, 2017

On Saturday, SB 1995 by Sen. Bryan Hughes (HB 4086 is the companion bill by Rep. John Wray) passed out of the House and is now on the Governor's desk. SB 1995 has the honor of being among the first 90 bills to pass both chambers this session. 
The bill clarifies the lis pendens expungement statute so it can be relied upon by title agents and insurers. The effort was the result of a TLTA Board of Directors' decision made just a few days before the bill filing deadline in response to a case being heard in the Texas Supreme Court and concern about its potential outcome. Sen. Hughes graciously agreed to file the bill on the deadline. Rep. Wray agreed to do the same, championing the Senate bill through the House process and helping to send it to the Governor over the weekend. TLTA is extremely grateful to both of these legislators for their responsiveness and leadership.
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