Escrow Officers and Title Agents:
Important TDI Compliance Reminders Regarding Escrow Officer License Renewals

Some escrow officers are failing to renew their licenses

August 25, 2021

Prior to TDI rule changes implemented in the last two years, title agents were responsible for renewing their escrow officers’ licenses along with their agency license. Under today's rules, escrow officers are responsible for renewing their own licenses. 

Reminders for escrow officers:

  • Your license renewal date is the end of the month of your birth date and renews every two years. So, every year on your birthday you may want to have a note to check and see if you are up for renewal.
  • TDI will email you a courtesy renewal reminder 90 days in advance of your renewal date, but TDI does not send an additional notice if you fail to renew and your license lapses.
  • You may be subject to a fine if you fail to timely renew and/or continue to perform escrow officer duties with an expired license.
  • Be sure to keep TDI updated if your email or phone number changes – email is particularly important since TDI uses email to send you your license renewal reminder.

Reminders for title agents:

  • TDI recommends  that you implement a system to ensure your appointed escrow officers are timely renewing their licenses.
  • Be sure to regularly update TDI of any email or phone number changes for your escrow officers - email is particularly important since TDI uses email to send license renewal reminders.