In the Home Stretch of the 85th Legislative Session

By TLTA Staff

Sine Die for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature will be Monday, May 29, which means the House and Senate have less than two weeks to finish their work this session. 
Currently, three title insurance regulation bills that TLTA has been monitoring closely have not progressed further. HB 4239 remains pending in committee with the House Committee on Insurance, while SB 372 has not been set for a hearing by the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce. In addition, SB 2203 remains pending in the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce. As the days dwindle, the odds go way down that these bills will progress or show up on another bill. We remain guardedly optimistic but also vigilant.  
Last week, a significant number of bills died in the session. The Texas Tribune reported on the highlights in a May 12 article.
Currently, TLTA staff is working to amend bills dealing with access to public records as well as bills that would impact the title industry. We are also striving to push bills that we support, including our remaining affirmative agenda bills SB 1249/HB 3378. We will continue to report on the results of these efforts as the last days of the session approach.
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