Ever Feel Like Nobody Understands Your Work or Why It’s Important? Help Is on the Way!

By Leslie Midgley, CAE, Executive Vice President and CEO, Texas Land Title Association

Title insurance is frequently misunderstood and does not get the respect it deserves. As those of us at TLTA advocate for you and your industry, we keep hearing the same comments from consumers: "Haven’t you guys solved all the title problems by now?" "I don’t know anyone who has ever had a title claim, so why do I need title insurance?" "Can’t you just press a button and quickly search my title?" And those are the nice comments!

But honestly, some of that misunderstanding is our own fault, because we haven't done a good enough job of explaining the value of title insurance in simple terms that every customer can understand. We tend to get hung up on technical industry terms and jargon that can be confusing to consumers, rather than boiling it down to simple statements like, "We protect your property rights."

Between the TPPF pushing for deregulation of our industry and the Texas legislature about to go into session, it's more clear than ever that we need to be our own best advocates. Being able to easily describe the importance of title insurance and the service we perform for consumers could make or break our industry, literally. You’ll be seeing more from us about this new PR initiative, but to kick it off, TLTA is partnering with ALTA to host a program in San Antonio next week (Dec. 7) that will train you on this totally new approach to marketing your company and your industry. I urge each of you to make sure someone from your office attends this important program.