Remote Tech News: Notaries Moving Online; Morgan Stanley Developing Online Application Tool

By TLTA Staff
June 21, 2017

Electronic notarization has been in the news a lot lately, including in the two articles below. Please note TLTA will be providing education on this issue in the near future. In addition, note that the effective date of HB 1217 – the Texas remote e-notary bill – is July 2018, so there will be a long implementation period that will also involve rule making from the Secretary of State. TLTA will be working with the Secretary of State, lenders, vendors and other stakeholders in the development of regulatory rules.

Every year, hundreds of millions of documents are notarized in the United States: from wills and mortgages to citizenship forms. And since the founding of this nation, notarizations have been done pretty much the same way: in person. Now, new technology and new laws are making it possible to conduct notarization remotely — though some concerns about digitization have divided the notary industry.

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Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley is developing a new digital mortgage application tool in a bid to get more of its existing clients to turn to it for home loans, its wealth management technology head said on Tuesday, June 13.

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