TLTA Member John F. Rothermel, III Testifies on Mechanic's Liens Bill HB 3065

By TLTA Staff
April 19, 2017

With six weeks to go in the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, bills are moving quickly and TLTA is closely monitoring all legislation that could impact our industry.
On Monday, April 17, TLTA member John F. Rothermel, III testified against HB 3065, a bill that relates to mechanic's and materialman's liens. Rothermel described the current lien process as "essentially a five-legged has evolved to be reasonably balanced. We just want to make sure, over time, that we don't lose the balance in favor of one side or the other in the process."
Rothermel continued, "Our mechanic's lien bill – the law we currently have – with the long time periods after closing liens to be filed does have a real risk of hidden liens, and it does take a lot of effort to try to minimize those risks."
The chairman expressed the desire to move the bill. TLTA will keep you posted on the bill's status as it changes.
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