TLTA Member Roland Love Testifies for Adverse Possession v. Co-Tenants Bill

By TLTA Staff
March 29, 2017

On Monday, March 27, TLTA member Roland Love testified on SB 1249, which would allow for adverse possession against co-tenants.

 "This bill arose out of a situation where we had natural disasters such as hurricanes like Katrina," said Love during his testimony. "It's been patterned largely after bills that are laws that already exist in New York and Louisiana; however, it is more stringent."

Added Love, "Typically there is one person who's taken care of the property for many years, even multiple generations paid the taxes, and yet they don't have the clear title to allow them to get financial aid to mortgage the property, to improve the property and otherwise deal with the property, and this bill addresses that situation. It's good for the economy, it's good for the taxpayer base and it's good for the families that have this property, and their families."

As TLTA reported on Feb. 1, our affirmative agenda for this legislative session includes seeking the introduction and passage of a bill that will provide a statutory means of adversely possessing real property against co-tenants. Currently, no such mechanism exists. The need for such a path was discovered when lower-income individuals and families could not obtain disaster relief assistance from the federal government because they could not prove up their property ownership.

TLTA will keep you posted on the status of this bill as it changes.