TLTA Member Roland Love Testifies for Expungement of Lis Pendens in SB 1955; Bill Is Part of TLTA's Affirmative Agenda 

By TLTA Staff
April 12, 2017

On Monday, April 10, TLTA member Roland Love testified before the Senate Committee on State Affairs regarding SB 1955, which would allow for expungement of lis pendens on a property. Love testified in favor of the bill. 
"The notice of lis pendens are good," said Love. "They give the world notice of a lawsuit that involves title in that way, and people that are going to buy property are on notice." However, Love explained,sometimes lis pendens is used improperly to create problems and tie up a property, preventing it from being sold. 
Love continued, "This [bill] allows the court to take a look at the lawsuit and make sure that it really does involve a claim against title, so in this way, the court can rule after making a determination that notice of lis pendens is expunged, and this clarification makes it clear the property can then be transferred or encumbered, and put back into the stream of commerce." 

TLTA sought the introduction of this bill as part of our legislative agenda for the 85th session
As of press time for Dateline Austin, the Senate committee voted to place SB 1955 on the local calendar. TLTA will keep you posted on the bill's status as it progresses. 
In addition to SB 1955, TLTA's affirmative agenda includes SB 1249, Sen. Royce West's bill on adverse possession against co-tenants. As we reported in last week's Dateline Austin, that bill passed out of the Senate on Wednesday, April 5. We will continue to keep you informed about this bill as well.
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