The Future Is Bright for E-mortgages: An Overview of Relevant Laws and Requirements 

By American Land Title Association
Nov. 9, 2017 

The industry is working to streamline the overall mortgage process by encouraging the use of electronic documents. Fortunately, there are U.S. federal and state laws that permit lenders to originate e-mortgages in any state and deliver them to investors, including Freddie Mac, for purchase. And with the legal framework in place, interest in e-mortgages is picking up speed.

While barriers to adoption remain, powerful forces are driving interest in e-mortgages, not the least of which is borrower demand for faster, better and more reliable service. No fewer than 15 financial institutions have begun implementing e-mortgage process tests or committing to the e-mortgage business outright over the past year. Eight other financial institutions are ready to provide warehouse financing for e-notes.

With increasing interest from lenders, now is the time for title companies to talk to lender partners to get ready to implement electronic closings.