February 18, 2009 

Earlier today, TLTA hosted a very informative and successful program on RESPA reform and other national issues affecting the industry.

Ruth Dillingham covered key points, timelines, and how to get a head start on compliance, while Dawn Moore shared potential implementation challenges and posed questions regarding how Texas regulations would interface with federal guidelines.  Jim Hyland, TLTA’s DC lobbyist, and Aaron Day offered their insight on the latest federal and state legislative initiatives.  And Robert Wood from the State Comptroller’s office wrapped up the program with a synopsis of how Texas plans to endure our difficult economy.

Special Guest Speaker from HUD’s RESPA Office

Andrew Fay, from HUD’s RESPA office, was a special guest speaker.  In addressing the group, he assured everyone that HUD understood there are many unanswered questions.  He also said one of their top priorities is to develop a FAQ document for the RESPA rule and urged everyone to submit their questions regarding practical applications of the rule.  As you know, our regulatory structure is unique in Texas, creating the potential for many implementation challenges and this is where we need your help. 

Send Your Questions Right Away

TLTA would like to serve as the central clearinghouse for questions so that we can submit a comprehensive list to HUD on behalf of the Texas title industry.  In our effort to seek clarity and educate everyone, we request that you send your questions to us right away.  Please be as detailed as you can and use hypotheticals as appropriate.  Please email your questions to Tedrah Hutchins as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, February 27 so that we may submit them in early March.