December 11, 2009 

TDI Publishes Working Draft of Agent Insolvency Rules 

Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin has published a working draft of proposed rules for the insolvency bill (House Bill 4338). 

TLTA would like to serve as the central clearinghouse for questions so that we can submit a comprehensive list to TDI on behalf of the Texas title industry. In our effort to seek clarity and ensure we have covered all concerns, we request that you send your questions and comments to us right away. The TLTA Regulatory Committee will be meeting next week to discuss these proposed rules and provide recommendations. Click here to review the working draft of Rules Relating to Title Insurance Agents and Title Companies. Please note this is an informal posting and not a formal publication for rulemaking. There will be a formal comment period and a hearing scheduled at a later date. 

Submit your comments via email by Thursday, December 17, 2009 to Aaron Day at If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance, please contact TLTA at 512.472.6593.

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