August 2016

TDI Issues Call for Agent Statistical Data Report for Calendar Year Ended Dec. 31, 2015, due on Sept. 30, 2016

The Texas Department of Insurance sent its call for Agent Statistical Data on Aug. 10 to each agency in Texas in accordance with Texas Insurance Code ยง2703.153, which requires each title insurance company and title insurance agent engaged in the business of title insurance in Texas to annually submit certain data to TDI. TDI uses this data to set title insurance premium rates. 

 You must respond to this data call using the provided instructions and forms no later than Sept. 30, 2016.
Complete the data call using the interactive PDF forms available at TDI.
You should use your agent's Firm ID number and DBA name in the General Information Section of the report form. You can view this information on TDI's website, selecting Title Agent/Escrow Officers and then the desired report.

Planning is under way for TLTA's On-Time and Error-Free TDI Experience Reporting Webinar. Stay tuned to Dateline Austin and future Compliance Updates for details. A team of experts will be on hand to walk you through the report while providing a clear, basic overview of the information you need.