January 2016

Updates to Section I of the Basic Manual Effective Jan. 1st

Legislation that was passed from the 84th Regular Session amended several sections of the Insurance Code.
The following statutes were affected by the passage of H.B. 2491:
  • Amendment to Section 2652.001
  • Amendment to Section 2652.002
  • Amendment to Section 2652.006
  • Amendment to Section 2652.051(a)
  • Amendment to Section 2652.052(b)
  • Amendment to Section 2652.055
  • Amendment to Section 2652.056
  • Amendment to Section 2652.058
  • Amendment to Section 2652.101(a)
  • Amendment to Section 2652.151(a)
  • Addition of Section 2652.1511
  • Amendment to Section 2652.153
  • Amendment to Section 2652.203
  • Sections 2652.057(b) and 2652.152 are repealed
The effective date of the new statutes was September 1st, 2015, although the changes in law made by H.B. 2491 apply only to the issuance or renewal of an escrow officer license on or after January 1st, 2016. However, as previously reported in Dateline Austin, TDI will not implement the provisions of H.B. 2491 until changes have been made to the Texas Title Insurance Manual (Title Manual) by rule. TDI expects this process will be completed during the summer of 2016.

TLTA’s online Basic Manual has been updated with all of these changes. TLTA Basic Manual subscribers (both print and online version subscribers) will have the section update emailed to them with a link to the updated section, allowing them to print the new section immediately. They will subsequently receive section update emails every time an update is made. We recommend that subscribers print and replace all of Section I so they have the latest version.
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