July 2018

Updates to the Basic Manual To Be Implemented as of Aug. 9, 2018

Earlier this year, TDI Commissioner Kent Sullivan signed a final order on agenda items that update, correct and clarify rules and forms in the Basic Manual of Title Insurance. These updates were effective June 10, but implementation of the new rules and forms was delayed until Aug. 9.
The following changes will be implemented as of Aug. 9:
Section II Changes
Form T-43
Form T-44
Form T-45

Section III Changes

Section IV Changes

Section V Changes
Form T-G1
Form T-S1
Form T-S3
Form T-S4A
Form T-S5
Form T-00
Form T-51
Form T-52

Section VI Changes
Rule S.1
Rule S.3
Rule S.5

TLTA’s online Basic Manual has been updated with all of these changes. TLTA Basic Manual subscribers (both print and online version subscribers) will have the section updates emailed to them with a link to the updated sections, allowing them to print the new sections immediately. We recommend that subscribers print and replace all applicable sections in their entirety to ensure they have the latest version.
If you have any questions, please call us at 512.472.6593, or you can reach us via email at tlta@tlta.com.

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