February 2019

Title Examinations: Two Clarifications From TDI

The Texas Department of Insurance asked us to provide you with the following clarifying instructions related to title examinations:

1) Form T-S4 (Annual Report of Title Company’s Officers Authorized to Provide Information on Agent Financial Matters) Is For Underwriters Only

Form T-S4 is to be completed by underwriters only. Agents should not submit this form to TDI. Only underwriters are required to submit a T-S4 form.

2) Email Communication Re: Title Examinations Should Be Directed to This Address Only

Please direct all examination-related email communications to TitleExaminations@tdi.texas.gov. While the professionals at TDI who oversee examinations help direct agent and underwriter submissions to the correct recipients at TDI, timely submission of examination materials can only be guaranteed when those materials are submitted to the dedicated examinations mailbox: TitleExaminations@tdi.texas.gov


If you have questions about these clarifications, please direct them to the Title Examinations Department at the above email address, to Arturo Bustamante at Arturo.Bustamante@tdi.texas.gov or to Robert York at 512.676.6880.