Important Licensing Information for Escrow Officers and Title Agents
Special COVID-19 and General Escrow Officer Licensing Information You Need to Know


Jan. 4, 2021

The Texas Department of Insurance issued an important notice last week with key reminders about licensing compliance for escrow officers and agents. The information included in TDI's notice is also listed below:
Escrow officers can now use Sircon to renew and apply for a license. Paper application and renewal forms will not be accepted after March 1.
Due to COVID-19:
  • TDI is accepting applications without a notary signature.
  • Title agents and escrow officers have an additional 90 days to renew their licenses and submit continuing education credits.
Before a licensed escrow officer can operate, they must be appointed by a title agent / direct operation. They can use the Escrow officer appointment form (FINT09).
Title agents / direct operations must keep their escrow officer appointments up to date. They must add or remove appointments by using the Escrow officer appointment form (FINT09).
Escrow officers and title agents / direct operations, must notify TDI within 30 days of changes to their contact information, such as their email, legal name, business name, or address:
To learn more about license requirements, visit the TDI website. If you have questions, email