Update on Agent and Underwriter Experience Report Compilation, Publication from TDI
2019 stat reports expected to be published early April

Feb. 17, 2022  
We continue communicating with the team at Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) regarding the publication timeline for 2019 statistical data. TDI expects to publish the 2019 experience reports no later than early April 2022. Additionally, TDI reported that they are working on compilation of the 2020 experience reports.

If you receive requests from TDI regarding submissions or corrections of data, please respond promptly, as delays in gathering statistical data delays publication of the experience reports. As a reminder, the 2020 underwriters data call is due February 28, 2022. All other data is past due. Report data to PCDataCallTitle@tdi.texas.gov.

The team at TDI is grateful for our industry's patience and assistance as the statutorily-required reports are produced. The most effective way to expedite delivery of experience reports is reporting data and corrections to TDI when requested, and then making room for the team at TDI to complete the time-consuming process of completing the reports alongside their other regulatory duties.

If you have questions about our discussion with TDI, you can email us via tlta@tlta.com.