March 22, 2017

Texas Legislature Is Busy – More Bills Filed This Session

The deadline to file bills during the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature was Friday, March 10. Just how active was bill filing during this session? Let’s break it down by the numbers.
  • Total bills filed: 6,517
  • House bills: 4,273
  • Senate bills: 2,244
  • Sine Die: Monday, May 29
  • Veto period ends: Sunday, June 18
Comparatively, the 84th session saw 6,276 bills filed, while 5,868 were filed in the 83rd session (not including the three special sessions).

Updated: TLTA Takes Position on Two Bills, Actively Following 104 Bills

On Monday, March 20, the TLTA Board of Directors approved motions to take positions on two bills:
  • SB 2203, by Sen. Kelly Hancock: Relating to title insurance
    Motion approved by board to support bill with no amendments
  • HB 4239, by Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr.: Relating to regulation of title insurance rates
    Motion approved by board to oppose bill
In addition, TLTA has updated the list of bills we are actively tracking now that the legislature’s bill filing deadline has ended. The number of bills has increased to 104. Check out the new updated list below; the new bills and topics are in italics.
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Get Ready for Taxes and Q2 With TLTA's Compliance Checklist! 

Texas Land Title Association | March 22, 2017
Are you prepared for your quarterly compliance and reporting deadlines? Is everything at your company set for tax time? Make sure you're on top of your deadlines with TLTA's free Compliance Checklist and Reporting Calendar!
This compliance checklist can help owners, managers and title agents stay in compliance year-round. It has monthly, quarterly, annual and biennial deadlines, as well as a month-by-month list of deadlines to meet.
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CFPB News: Trump Administration OK With CFPB but Wants Power to Oust Chief 

Bloomberg Law | March 17, 2017
Trump’s administration told a U.S. appeals court that it wants the power to fire CFPB director Richard Cordray, but that doesn’t mean it wants the agency disbanded.
The Justice Department staked out that position Friday, March 17, in court documents filed at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, which is getting ready to rehear a case challenging the authority of the CFPB and the man who leads it.
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Dodd-Frank News: Trump Picks a Regulator Who Could Help Reshape Act; Like Hensarling, Rep. Hill Discusses Reform

Trump rounded out his financial regulatory team on Tuesday, March 14, announcing plans to select J. Christopher Giancarlo to oversee a lucrative corner of Wall Street that helped unleash the financial crisis.
In appointing Mr. Giancarlo to run the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which regulates the sort of derivatives trading that spread panic on Wall Street in 2008, the president took another step toward challenging the Obama administration’s legacy on financial regulation. As a Republican commissioner at the agency since 2014, and more recently as its interim chairman, Mr. Giancarlo has embraced the broad goals of new derivatives regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act while criticizing crucial portions of the fine print.
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In light of Trump’s budget proposal, House Financial Services Committee Majority Whip French Hill (R-Ark.) went on record about his thoughts on the HUD budget, along with the status of reforming Dodd-Frank in an interview with Bloomberg on Friday, March 17.
Hill currently sits on the Housing Financial Service Committee with Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), who is chairman of the committee. Hensarling has also gone on record about his thoughts on Dodd-Frank, saying that reforming Dodd-Frank is a this-year priority. Meanwhile, Hensarling is also spearheading one of the most prominent options to change the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the Financial CHOICE Act.
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GSE News: GSE Reform Could Significantly Impact Home Finance 

Mortgage Daily | March 20, 2017
A ratings agency report indicates that reforming the government-sponsored enterprises could have wide-reaching implications for a range of sectors and entities.
A potential reform of the U.S. housing finance that is centered around Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is possible but not likely imminent.
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