September 29, 2021

In This Issue:

  • Reminder for Agents: TDI's T-S1 Form Due Tomorrow, Sept. 30
  • Texas Real Estate Research Center: Texas Housing Mid-Year Update

Reminder for Agents: TDI's T-S1 Form Due Tomorrow, Sept. 30

TLTA | Sept. 29, 2021
Just a reminder that the T-S1, also known as the Title Agent's Unencumbered Assets Certification, is due to TDI's Title Examinations Department by tomorrow, Sept. 30, 2021. All title agents are required to turn in a new T-S1 form every year between Sept. 1 - 30. 
Download the Title Agent's Unencumbered Assets Certification (Form T-S1)
TDI has requested that you submit your T-S1 form by email to
For more information contact at 512-676-6880.
Also, please remain aware of these other TDI compliance reminders:
Underwriter Data Call: Due Oct. 8
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) issues this mandatory data call under Insurance Code Section 2703.153, which requires title insurance underwriting companies to submit data to TDI annually. TDI uses this data to set title insurance premium rates, as required by Insurance Code Section 2703.151. This data call requests income, expense, and policy data from calendar year 2019.
Learn More, Submission Instructions »
Escrow Officer License Renewals - Some Escrow Officers Are Failing to Renew Their Licenses
Prior to TDI rule changes implemented in the last two years, title agents were responsible for renewing their escrow officers’ licenses along with their agency license. Under today's rules, escrow officers are responsible for renewing their own licenses. 
Some escrow officers are failing to renew their licenses.
Ensuring TDI has your current personal email address is a crucial first step in monitoring license renewal notices. Learn how to keep your email address up-to-date and other helpful tips for renewing your license and staying in compliance.

Texas Real Estate Research Center: Texas Housing Mid-Year Update

Texas Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University | Sept. 20, 2021
The 2021 housing season is almost over, and the year-to-year comparisons are in full swing. However, sizing up this year against last year may not be as helpful as usual for projecting what's ahead. Home sales from the first half of 2020 were heavily influenced by the one-and-a-half-month shutdown during part of March and all of April. Comparing 2021 to two years ago, meanwhile, reveals year-to-date sales currently have an almost 25,000-unit lead over 2019's then record-setting year.

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