TLTA President's Message


TRID Education Works Both Ways 

Most of us in the title industry have been preparing for months for the launch of the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures, aka TRID, and more specifically the Closing Disclosure or CD. At my firm, and no doubt many around the state, we have spent a great deal of time and money educating ourselves on what will be involved with the new CD, who will be involved in preparing it, how it will change the closing process, etc. One critical point that might be lost during all this education and preparation is that the title industry has an obligation to educate not only ourselves but, just as importantly, our business partners, customers and even vendors about these changes. Our relationships with our business partners can best be described as symbiotic - we depend on them to be successful as much as they depend on us.   

I am proud of how TLTA has led the way with TRID education and communication for the Texas title industry; however what we as an industry need to understand is that our colleagues in these other industries may not be receiving similar levels of updates and preparation.  It has been said that the majority of mortgage bankers are waiting on their title company relationships to teach them the new form and processes. I have had several in-depth conversations with mortgage bankers, attorneys, brokers and realtors who wanted to pick my brain about the new disclosures in an effort to understand them better so they can continue to be good partners with title companies and underwriters. TAR and many Realtor associations have asked us for information and training on the new closing processes and disclosures and we have accommodated.


encourage each of you to reach out to your business partners and colleagues to educate them on the new closing process mandated by TRID.  It is incumbent on and prudent for us to help our business partners understand their role in making the process successful.  Remember that non-TLTA members can take our TRID and Best Practices courses, of which there are several. In addition to the professional development opportunities that we will have at the Annual Conference & Business Meeting in June, we are also offering a pre-conference workshop on June 17 that will be a hands-on program where you will actually complete a practice closing disclosure.  

This is our opportunity to lead our industry and our colleagues and shape the way we move into this brave new world. I know I would rather us be at the forefront of the TRID adoption than trying to catch up afterward.  


Dawn Moore
TLTA President