President's Message - July 2016 V2
Dear TLTA Members,

I am honored to be your new president for 2016-2017. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Annual Conference and Business Meeting in June; it was great meeting more fellow TLTA members and seeing longtime friends and colleagues. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming months.

As you know, we face many challenges in the year ahead. The Texas Association of Business and Texas Public Policy Foundation attack on our industry is just getting started. However, I am confident that we are ready to face and win these battles, thanks to our strong lobbying team, our grassroots efforts and especially our strength in numbers. Each one of you who has contributed to the TLTAPAC has made a difference in this fight, especially those of you in the One Hundred Club and the One Hundred Percent Club. If you are not on one of these lists, I urge you to step up and support our industry by giving to the TLTAPAC today.
Also, as a reminder, we’ve put together a great toolbox of talking points on the TLTA website. When you need to discuss the benefits of our industry, why our Texas system works and the negative impact the proposal will have on consumers, remember these points from the Don't Mess With Texas Real Estate flyer:
 – Why the current Texas title
    insurance system works
 – What would happen if
    file-and-use is adopted?
  • Choice and competition with a local title agency in almost every county;
  • Less competition – File-and-use would cause many local title agencies to close, reducing local choice.
  • Lower prices for title insurance than 25 years ago (15% less than the 1990s);
  • Higher prices – Less competition would expose homebuyers to higher prices.
  • Transparent prices easily accessible by the public without the extra fees found in other states;
  • More claims – Texans would face substantially higher claims as file-and-use states experience 10 to 20 times the “claims rate” Texas has today.
  • Safe real estate transactions with Texans enjoying one of the lowest “claims rates” in the country;
  • Job losses – Thousands of jobs across the state would either be permanently lost or shipped to other countries.
  • Texas’ title insurance industry provides more than 13,000 high-quality jobs throughout the state.
  • Picking winners and losers – File-and-use would reward large corporations and well-heeled individuals at the expense of small businesses and average homebuyers.
Changing our system would mess with Texas’ core values of protecting private property rights, keeping insurance affordable and giving customers local options. Now is certainly not the time to mess with the safety and simplicity of our real estate process. TLTA has prepared talking points, FAQs and other information that you can use to prove this point.
Again, thank you again for allowing me to serve as your president for the coming year, and I look forward to representing you. If you have any suggestions or input you would like to share with me, just let me know.

James H. Dudley, IV
Texas Land Title Association, 1717 W. 6th St., Suite 120, Austin, TX, 78703
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