Dear TLTA members, 
As I begin my year as the 103rd president of the Texas Land Title Association, I am honored to be following in the footsteps of so many wonderful and talented leaders in our industry. I want to again thank James Dudley for an incredible year of leadership and hard work, and to recognize our own talented and dedicated TLTA staff. The time and effort Leslie and Aaron spent implementing the plans and strategies developed with the lobby team and Board of Directors goes above and beyond any prior issues I have seen in my 33 years in the industry. The same recognition goes to all the board members, committee chairs and committee members who voluntarily gave their time and talent to our association. There were many issues facing our association and everyone stepped up to the plate and contributed. 
The issues remain, and we still have plenty of work to do during my 2017-2018 term. Committee chairs and members will be announced soon. However, if you are interested in getting involved, there is plenty of room on any of our committees. We welcome your participation and look forward to hearing from you. Contact Kim Schoppert at to sign up for a committee. 
Our TLTAPAC is on target to reach our two-year goal of $800,000. Record results from the live auction in New Orleans are pushing us toward that goal, but we still have more work to do to reach it, and we need everyone to step up and contribute. I would also like to increase the number of members who have accepted the Career Commitment challenge, which asks you to contribute to the TLTAPAC every year you are actively employed in the industry. Finally, the number of companies that have 100 percent PAC participation from all their employees has grown, with eight companies reaching that distinction this year. 
The coming year will present challenges. We must develop both a short-term and a long-term approach to addressing the re-regulation efforts. The benefits of a regulated title insurance industry must be presented in a simple, yet convincing manner that will allow our grassroots efforts to be recognized at all levels of the state government. We are the economic engine that drives the real estate industry and without the regulatory environment currently in place, that engine could begin to misfire. One of my goals for the coming year is to get the message out to our association members and subsequently the consumer of the benefits of our industry. There are several great marketing initiatives we can take to increase the consumer's knowledge of our industry, including the ALTA HOP program. 
At our board planning session scheduled in September, we will have a complete game plan prepared that sets out our priorities and goals, and an agenda to accomplish them. 
Finally, I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me to serve as your president this year. As I said at this year's Annual Conference and Business Meeting in New Orleans, our industry and our association is a family – a family of friends, competitors and co-workers. And when we treat each other like family, we will grow stronger and be more effective than standing alone. Remember the words of Lt. General Honoré that inspired us to be leader in our families. You are the leaders, and this is your family.
J. Christopher Phillips
Texas Land Title Association