Dear TLTA members, 
TLTA’s board of directors met earlier this month for our orientation and planning meeting. The orientation included an intensive review of TLTA’s tools, human capital, and other assets, including the team’s broad network of relationships with state regulators, Texas legislators, and industry allies at the federal level.  

Additionally, we heard reports detailing the hard work of TLTA’s volunteer committees. I am most grateful for all the valuable time that our title industry peers invest in making our committee processes hum. The board took action to advance and support committee-driven initiatives that will help sustain our industry for generations.
A strong industry that lasts for generations: that was a recurring theme throughout our board meeting. We were planning for success in the year ahead, but we were also laying the groundwork for the next ten years and readying the industry for the next generation.
That’s why it’s so important that we all commit to participating in TLTA’s grassroots initiative. Of all the opportunities that TLTA’s board considered at our meeting, there was unwavering consensus that our grassroots network is the most efficient and effective way to manage the regulatory realities that govern our businesses.
If you haven’t signed up for the grassroots program, would you do so now, please?

If you aren’t sure why TLTA’s grassroots program matters, look at the challenges on our horizon. The Texas Legislature will begin meeting again in less than six months. Are you aware that at least one conservative think tank is suggesting (in documents published as recently as last week) that our regulatory system should be exchanged for file-and-use?

The math on this is simple: decisions made by legislators directly impact our bottom lines and our ability to serve our customers with success.

Even if you don’t know anything about our state government in Austin, even if you aren’t really sure who represents you, please fill out this form and get in our system.  We are part of a representative government, and your local elected officials want your endorsement. Among the greatest investments you can make in the longevity and strength of our industry is helping our story reach the decision makers at critical times.

When our board meeting ended, I felt a sense of accomplishment that really belongs to you. Thank you, committee members, PAC Board and other TLTA volunteers for your unwavering commitment to our industry. Because of you, we are 1) increasing professionalism industrywide, 2) building the educational tools that teach industry fundamentals and help us navigate changes in the marketplace, and 3) maintaining effective relationships with legislators, regulators and their staffs.

Above all else—because of the work put in by you and all of TLTA’s extended family of professionals—we are protecting Texans’ property rights and paving a road for our beloved industry well into the future.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve together in pursuit of our shared priorities.
John C. Martin, CAEP, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association