Dear TLTA members,
When the recent election ended, our Texas Legislature went to work. Prefiling legislation for the upcoming 86th Session is in motion, with nearly 600 bills already filed.
While Texas legislators prepare to gavel in the new legislative session on Jan. 8, advocacy groups around the state Capitol are out in force building relationships with new legislators-elect and pushing ideas that advocates hope to turn into legislation.

Among the recycled ideas that some advocates are sharing with legislators and staff during the run up to January is the re-regulation of our industry—the same battle we fought and won last session. 

That’s why I’m asking you to register for our 2019 Day at the Capitol event today, before you shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Given the recent election of new legislators, the continuation of the re-regulation battle, and other challenges facing our industry market-wide, we need to produce an outstanding and large showing of title professionals when we visit Capitol offices Feb. 12-13.

Our TLTAPAC is one way to continue building real, lasting relationships with our legislators, as is TLTA’s grassroots initiative. But few communication tactics are as effective as showing up at the Texas Capitol during the legislative session to share our industry’s stories face-to-face with the elected officials who make decisions that impact our customers and our bottom lines.

Our legislators in Austin need to know that our industry is bolstering Texas’ real estate market, employing 15,000 title professionals statewide, and protecting Texans’ property rights. Elected officials in Austin need to know that we’re thankful for their service and their partnership in maintaining the strength of our industry for generations to come. Your commitment to showing up and filling the halls of the Capitol Feb. 12-13 has never been so important. 

So, before you sit down to break bread and give thanks this week, invest five minutes in the longevity and health of our industry by registering for Day at the Capitol and booking your hotel room today.

On behalf of your team at TLTA, I wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! May the warmth of your loved ones be with you this Thanksgiving.  

John C. Martin, CAEP, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association