Dear TLTA members,
The Texas Legislature is back in session, and I had the pleasure of joining our TLTA legislative team in Austin for the inauguration of Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Jan. 15. The Governor’s inaugural ball featured a crowd-rousing performance by George Strait, and when Shelly and I weren’t on the dance floor, we took advantage of opportunities to visit with elected officials, business owners, industry advocates and other leaders from the Texas Capitol community. 
Every time we go to Austin and interact with the decision makers and influencers who are driving the development and implementation of public policy at the state capitol, I am reminded that our industry cannot take for granted the Texas Legislature’s continued commitment to the health and success of our industry.
State lawmakers meet for 140 days only—every other year—and it’s easy for our industry’s powerful story to be lost in the noise and frenetic pace of a legislative session. The legislators who travel to Austin from across Texas to represent their districts in the Texas Legislature are community partners like us, and most of them support a strong title insurance industry that bolsters the state’s robust real estate market and protects Texans’ property rights. We have to help by showing up to support our lawmakers when decisions that could impact our industry are being made during the legislative session.
That’s why we’re preparing to pack the halls of the Texas Legislature during TLTA’s Day at the Capitol event in Austin Feb. 12-13. Can I count on you to join us?
In the evening on Feb. 12, TLTA is hosting a reception near the Capitol at which all of us will have the opportunity to visit with legislators and legislative staff. Then, starting in the morning on Feb. 13, we will go door-to-door in the Capitol, delivering our industry’s message and striving to make new connections that will last.

After you make a plan to join us, be sure to register for one or both days of our Day at the Capitol events. Please note that Day at the Capitol orientations will be presented via webinar on Feb. 8 at 10 a.m., or you can attend an in-person orientation on Feb. 12 at 4 p.m..
While we’re in Austin for Day at the Capitol, many of us will be working side-by-side with our Local Legislative Liaisons - part of a new team of TLTA volunteers who are helping us manage healthy relationships and maintain successful lines of communications with state lawmakers. If you don’t get a chance to meet your local legislative liaison during Day at the Capitol, be sure to complete TLTA’s grassroots network form. Give us your home address, please, so we can identify the legislators who represent you and pair you with the local legislative liaisons responsible for your local lawmakers.
I remain deeply grateful for all the committed industry partners who continue volunteering to make this organization great. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as TLTA’s president. During Day at the Capitol and beyond, let’s continue proving through our actions that Texas title industry professionals are community partners with integrity who work for Texans statewide.

John C. Martin, CAEP, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association