Dear TLTA members,
As I enter my final weeks of service as TLTA’s president and prepare to hand over the gavel to our distinguished colleague, Mike Savas, I find myself thinking about the power of perspective.

Without a doubt I have grown through a transformed perspective after a year deep inside the workings of our industry’s powerful association. I recognized the change earlier this week when I sketched out some preliminary ideas for TLTA’s Year in Review, which I have the honor of delivering at this year’s annual conference and business meeting.

I developed a long list of industry-shaping actions in which TLTA has been engaged during my term as president - a list too long to share in detail during my brief presentation at conference. 

As I work to whittle the list and find examples that paint a true picture of TLTA’s continued success, I am reminded of something being discussed among industry insiders who help manage our legislative and regulatory opportunities in Austin:

Every title professional conducting business in this state needs to find out what’s happening in Texas. And this year’s conference June 10-12 is the perfect gathering to learn everything you need to know.

The Texas Legislature is in session through May 27, and lawmakers in Austin are making changes that directly impact our industry and our partners. Additionally, the Texas Department of Insurance has been carrying out their periodic review of our basic premium rate, and there will be a formal rate hearing next week at TDI on May 23.

TLTA’s CEO, Leslie Midgley, and our Government Affairs Director, Aaron Day, will be at the conference providing insights and updates on our industry’s legislative and regulatory priorities during a special joint agent and underwriter section meeting on June 11 (after this deep dive into everything happening in Austin, there will be separate business meetings for our sections).

The value of this advocacy update cannot be overestimated. If you are a title professional doing business in Texas and you haven’t secured your seat for these crucial legislative and regulatory updates, register now.

Fortunately, there is life and business outside of the state capital, and the pros who produce TLTA’s annual conference have gathered a smart group of talented people to provide valuable perspectives on bottom line opportunities, including improving our competitiveness and successfully serving our teams, our customers and our communities.
Dr. Ray Perryman, who’s been called the state’s unofficial economist by the New York Times, is among the conference line-up. He will help us cull the volumes of information we’re receiving daily related to Texas’ real estate economy and leave us with some valuable predictions regarding what’s on the horizon. Similarly, Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune, will help us sort through the complex political environment that influences all of our work at the Texas Capitol and beyond. 

All of us attending the conference will also have the opportunity to deep dive into some crucial topics that are shaping our industry’s unique perspective, including women in leadership, cyber crime defenses, cyber liability insurance, and marketing musts that work for small businesses.
Join us as our industry’s top professionals gather in Lost Pines June 10-12 to take a look back at the year behind us and continue talking about where we’re headed next. Some of us are going to play golf, some of us are going to dance, and all of us are going to have the opportunity to make new connections and garner new insights. And, don’t forget about the TLTAPAC auction that will occur during the President’s Evening festivities. Bring your passion to give to the cause, because we have some incredible auction items this year. We can never afford to stop investing in our PAC.

In a competitive, regulated marketplace, there is so much information available that it can be difficult to go beyond simply looking at all the intel and actually begin to see that which is most important to our priorities. That’s the perspective that guided the design of this year’s conference, and with ALL we need to talk about, this is the perfect year for that point of view.

Of all the ways my point of view changed this year, none of the changes was as dramatic as my deep and growing respect for the network of industry professionals who make TLTA work. Thank you for volunteering your time, registering for events, and lending your expertise when we called on you. I am eager to see you in Lost Pines this June so I can thank you personally.

Until then, please know that serving as TLTA’s president this year was a great honor, and I thank you. My commitment to you and our industry will continue as long into the future as I am able.

John C. Martin, CAEP, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association