Dear TLTA members,
After TLTA’s annual conference last month, former legislator and long-time industry advocate Allen Place and I discussed the importance of celebrating the large team of professionals who fought hard to advance our legislative and regulatory achievements this year. 
Without a doubt, immediate-past President John Martin, TLTA’s Board of Directors, TLTAPAC contributors, TLTA’s Local Legislative Liaisons, and hundreds of valued industry partners worked together to negotiate, strategically compromise, and lead us to success in our interactions with lawmakers and regulators this year. 
But our industry’s accomplishments on the regulatory and legislative fronts would not have been possible without the many years of hard work and diplomacy delivered by Leslie Midgley, Aaron Day and all of TLTA’s talented staff. We are profoundly grateful to Leslie, Aaron and TLTA’s team for the groundwork, institutional knowledge and strategic vision that positioned our industry to successfully communicate with the Texas Legislature and TDI this year on behalf of our businesses and Texas consumers.
Having this opportunity to praise the talented team of professionals who help TLTA continue to succeed reminds me how grateful I am to serve as the 105th president of this venerable organization. More importantly, this opportunity to applaud our network’s efficacy further strengthens my commitment to help identify and grow the next generation of leaders who will guide our industry into the future. 
The realities of our association are simple: none of the advocates in our industry-wide brain trust can hold their positions forever. Like the visionaries who built TLTA from nothing long before we arrived, we are challenged to identify, grow and nurture the next generation of leaders.
During my year as president of TLTA, I am making it my mission to find, recruit and equip the professionals ready to stand up and respond to marketplace changes with ideas and innovations that benefit consumers, our industry, and our state’s powerful real estate economy.
Among the opportunities before us in the months ahead is TLTA’s Alex H. Halff Leadership Academy, which will be held in Austin this November. If you know title professionals who are seeking opportunities to pursue leadership or ownership within our industry, encourage them to mark their calendars; registration opens in August. 
We’re also preparing for a series of town hall-style meetings across the state this fall, where we hope to develop new relationships, encourage interest in our industry’s continued success, and plant the seeds of leadership that will flourish in the years ahead.
As I begin my year as president of the Texas Land Title Association, I remain mindful of the fact that I am, in part, a product of the leaders who came before me. Thank you, John Martin, for leaving me a legacy I can follow in partnership with the dedicated industry volunteers who make TLTA work. Thank you, too, to all of you who are strengthening and growing our industry every day through the normal course of business. 

It is my honor to have been encouraged to serve all of you this year. Let’s work together to make sure the door is open and resources ready when the next generation of industry leaders are ready to step up. 
Thank you for this opportunity to share in our joint successes, and I look forward to the year ahead working with you. 


Michael C. Savas, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association Texas Land Title Association