Dear TLTA members,
In 1942, following the Allied powers’ first decisive victory in over a year, Winston Churchill made a statement that I’ve heard repeated (in varying forms) over the last couple of weeks: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
Churchill’s words aptly describe our title community’s adoption of the new normal under COVID-19 public health protocols. Our personal work habits have, by and large, now settled into a routine. Work may be different, but it’s a routine again. And that’s comforting.
Local, state and federal officials are preparing to slowly open our economy beyond essential business, and in our workplaces we are preparing for the future, eager to start the path to normalcy while maintaining respect for the struggles that COVID-19 will continue to create in the months ahead.
At TLTA, we continue working on the new normal too. While our association's good work securing the approval of remote online notarizations in Texas was once a discussion preceded by “we should do this,” today our continued advancement of RON falls squarely under the heading “we must do this.”
Other TLTA initiatives, like the collection of resources produced by our digital closing task force , have also moved from good-to-have to must-have almost overnight as everyone, including lenders, is forced to operate in a marketplace where remote interactions may become the rule, rather than the exception.
While we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our industry and our association during all of this, one lesson stands out – our title insurance industry remains crucial, essential and necessary to our state’s economy, and our connections via TLTA are the key to continuing to do our job with success. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 public health protocols, be sure to regularly review TLTA’s COVD-19 webpage , where you’ll find news on special regulatory relief we’ve secured, new tools on which we’re working with state leadership to handle these crisis-driven challenges, and all the resources you need to keep you safely serving customers and your community today and into the future.
As we embark on the new normal together, please keep in mind TLTA is here to help all of you, from Houston to Henderson, from Dallas to Dalhart, and from Midland to McAllen. We might not be physically next to each other or in the same TLTA conference room while we tackle the challenges ahead, but we’ll do it together all the same.


Michael C. Savas, CTIP
Texas Land Title Association