TLTAPAC Frequently Asked Questions

The TLTAPAC plays a vital role in representing the legislative interests of your industry, ensuring that we have a strong voice legislatively and can represent you effectively.

What is the TLTAPAC?

The Texas Land Title Association Political Action Committee (TLTAPAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated organization that helps support candidates for the Texas legislature and statewide offices who impact the land title insurance industry. The TLTAPAC is a key tool for TLTA’s legislative team, which educates elected officials about the importance of our industry to the consumers of Texas, dispels myths about title insurance and creates a stronger understanding and appreciation of what we do and why.

How does the PAC help?

By building and maintaining strong relationships with elected officials, TLTAPAC has been able to fend off serious threats to the Texas title industry. The PAC helped to shape proposed laws and regulations, ensuring the industry can carry out its business efficiently and without disruption.

I don’t like politics. Why should I get involved?

Even if you don’t like politics, what gets decided in the Capitol still affects not only your company, but also you directly. Decisions about every aspect of the land title industry – including liens, property rights, tax rules, access to public records and possible re-regulation of the industry – are made by your elected officials. These decisions affect your day-to-day job, your career and your ability to continue to earn a living in the title business. TLTA works to help defeat adverse legislation and lays the groundwork for proactive initiatives that benefit the industry.

Does the TLTAPAC support a specific political party?

The TLTAPAC is non-partisan and supports candidates on the basis of their impact on the industry, regardless of party affiliation. In fact, TLTAPAC makes it a goal to give to every sitting member of the Legislature.

I’ve already contributed to the candidate of my choice. Why should I contribute to the TLTAPAC?

By pooling individual contributions into larger donations, the TLTAPAC can have a greater impact on the political process. Having an active PAC also adds to TLTA’s visibility and credibility at the Capitol and opens doors for our members to take a more active role in the process and develop even deeper relationships with their elected officials.

How does it affect me?

Thanks to a powerful legacy of involvement from professionals like you, we have a stable system of title insurance and rate regulation in Texas. That system has served the consumers of Texas and our industry well for many years. For the last few legislative sessions, however, several issues have come up that required TLTA’s involvement in the legislative process, including the threat of dismantling our rate system, limiting our access to public records and forcing title professionals to take on more civil and even criminal liability. The TLTAPAC has helped us defeat these challenges to our stable system.

Why should I give?

The result of these efforts is a stable and successful Texas title insurance industry in which you can continue to work and grow professionally. Supporting the PAC supports your industry and is an investment in your career. The TLTAPAC has grown through the leadership of a relatively small set of donors through the years, but more member involvement will help us grow our success even further. You can join the One Hundred Club by donating $100 to the TLTAPAC. Your investment makes a difference!