March 18, 2020

In an effort to help our TLTA community find immediate business continuity strategies during this crisis and serve as a clearinghouse and your source for information and solutions, TLTA is compiling a list of operational best practices and safe closing protocols that title agents are already implementing. We are also trying to identify what we need to be working on to assist you – we are already talking with county clerks about their status, lenders about flexibility on RON and home equity signing requirements, and TDI about compliance concerns, but we need to hear more from you to be able to better assist you immediately.
I know you are swamped, but can you help me by taking a couple minutes to shoot me an email today with the following type of information and anything else we should know:
  • Is your business still open?  Are any of your staff working remotely yet? If so, which personnel?
  • What operational changes have you made?
  • What changes have you put in place to ensure safety for your staff and customers?  How are you making closings safer?
  • What challenges are you encountering?  With lender and RON?  With TDI Compliance?  Other?
  • Is your county clerk still open?  We are tracking all county clerk operational changes so please keep us posted if this changes.
  • What else – how can we help you?
I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible so we can focus our priorities where you most need help. Please know we are here for you and will remain so every step of the way. Our mission is to see our industry through this crisis, help you and your team stay safe and healthy, help you continue to serve your customers, and keep real estate transactions moving forward.
Please note that I'm working remotely and the best way to reach me right now is on my cell: 512.657.0243. Call me anytime.

Very best,

Leslie Midgley, CAE
Executive Vice President and CEO
Texas Land Title Association