Basic Manual Reorganization

The members of TLTA's Basic Manual Task Force, chaired by Denise Holmes, started working more than five years ago on an effort to ensure the Basic Manual is easy to use and satisfies the needs of consumers, title professionals and the Texas Department of Insurance. Their first project was to reorganize the Manual in a more user-friendly format. They finished that project about two years ago and that work product was made available on the TDI website for review and comment in draft form. TLTA is currently in the process of producing a draft for review on the TLTA website. Phase 2, which is currently underway, is a plain language non-substantive rewrite of the Manual. The committee recently completed a milestone in that phase of the project and is continuing to work their way through the rest of the publication. Phase 3 will eventually be a more substantive rewrite of the Manual to provide clarity and usability.


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