Agent Solvency Rules and Regulations

House Bill 4338 was passed into law in 2009 in response to the real estate economic downturn, particularly among title agents. HB 4338 laid out the framework for several new requirements, including new inception dates for title plants, enhanced educational requirements and mandatory minimum capitalization for title agents. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) did not adopt rules in response to HB 4338 due to concerns about agents' ability to obtain a bond to meet minimum capitalization requirements. Therefore, in the 82nd Legislative Session in 2011, HB 2604 was passed to establish a deposit plan as a means to meet the solvency requirements established in HB 4338. 

TDI held a Rule Hearing in early 2012 to put rules in place for these new requirements, and you can read more about that hearing here. Read more specific information below.


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