Important TDI Compliance Update

Important Clarifications About New Agent License Numbers & License Renewal
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) recently mailed all title agents important information regarding new title agent and escrow officer license numbers. The main contact at your company should receive this information within the next few days. If not, it is important that you contact TDI at 512.322.3482 to ensure they have the correct address and contact information for your company.

There has been some confusion regarding this new license information and we wanted to provide you with the following information as clarification:

  • What you will receive from TDI is not a new license, but simply information about your new title agent and escrow officer license numbers. The new numbers are a result of TDI converting to an electronic platform for handling title agent licensing.

  • Your current license is still in force and will renew on its regular schedule — your license number has simply changed.

  • Going forward, when you renew your title agent license, rather than renewing and paying for a separate license for each of your underwriters, you only need to renew and pay for one license.

  • At renewal, in addition to your new title agent license, you'll receive a report that shows who your underwriters are and which counties you are licensed to do business in. It will also show all of your licensed escrow officers. You can also view this information in real-time, always up-to-date reports on TDI's website by clicking here, selecting Title Agent/Escrow Officers and then selecting the desired report. Note: These reports are large and may take several minutes to download.

  • Between now and when you renew your license, you can still use your current license as proof that you are licensed to write insurance for a particular underwriter.

  • As a reminder, please make sure you notify all the escrow officers in your company of their new license numbers. They will not receive a separate notification from TDI.

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